Updated: nov. 23rd  2016

Envelope generator


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This envelope generator is based on a classical monostable configuration of the 555.
I improved this circuit and I provided two versions, the old one and a new improved one.

The old version  , the newest version

Builder's gallery

Name : Czaba ZVEKAN
Modular project :
Location: Basel, Suisse
Web site
Name : Etaoin
Modular project : Casia MS01
: Utrecht, Pays Bas
Web site  : www.casia.org/modular

Name : Vins&Steph
Modular project : Xarolium
Location : France
Web site  :www.myspace.com/xarolium

Name : Jordi
Modular project :
Web site :
Name : Sebo
Modular project:
Location: Argentine
Web site :http://www.cosaquitosenglobo.com.ar
Name : Doug Slocum
Modular project : SteamPunk
Location: USA
Web site www.dougslocum.com
Name : Zarko
Modular project:
Location: Gardanne, France
Web site :
Name : Tudy
Modular project : yusynth 17U
Location: Brno, Tchek republic
Web site :www.insania.freemusic.cz
Name : Torsten
Pseudo :
Modular project : schranzknecht
Location : Germany
Web site : www.vulkanware.de/diy 

Name : Peter Hostermann
Modular project :
Location : Germany
Website http://www.peter-hostermann.de

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