Gallery of Yusynth modulars built around the world

My Yusynth serial #0000
Olivier Grall's Yusynth serial #0001

This is the original Yusynth modular system
This is the system of Olivier Grall. It was built at the same time as mine. It is part of a huge modular set-up. Check his impressive collection of synthesizers at his site

Mouse Pad Records' Yucom system
Xewin's Yucom system

This is Pascal Push-Pull's modular system. Pascal is a sound engineer in the Mouse Pad Records studio in Yverdon-les-Bains and also the keyboardist of the band Flowers. This mixed system ( and Yusynth) was built together with that of Xewin (see on the right).
Mouse Pad Records site 
Flowers' site
Yucom construction report
This is the Xewin's modular system. Xewin is a swiss electronic musician. Check his site :

Frédéric Monti's white Yusynth (a beauty indeed!)
Doug Slocum's SteamPunk modular

This is the white system built by Frédéric Monti. Except for a few modules (MFOS sequencer, JH Tau phaser...) it is all based on Yusynth modules. A very beautiful achievement !
This is another  very beautiful modular synth with a wonderful look in the Steam Punk style after which it is named. A lot of the modules are yusynth modules.
Check Doug's site :

Sebo's blue Yusynth modular
Hulk, the green Yusynth by Gilles Serfati aka Ménélassou
Sebo is an Argentinian musician and he built himself a nice blue Yusynth modular including a few modules of other brands.
Sebo's web site :
Sebo's myspace :
As soon as he can save some time from classing medics and distilating potions, Gilles grab his soldering iron! He's added some modules of his own design.
Ménélassou's myspace :

Guigui's white Yusynth
Cardinen's white Yusynth

Another white Yusynth but with banana sockets this time, all built by guigui
Guigui's blog dedicated to his modular :
A white Yusynth from Italy

Pepouille's Yusynth
Tudy's Yusynth

A raw steel Yusynth from Belgium
Back lighted front panels !
Petr Tudy Holubář is a Tchek musician.
Tudy's soundcloud :

Michael Kuepper's Yusynth
Nounours (Teddy bear) white Yusynth by mph


A German Yusynth modular with a DIY sequencer
Nounours (Teddy bear) is the yusynth project of mph

Free Modular Syntheziser by Portamentofr
Spoutnik Zébulon's  modular

A big modular made of Yusynth, ACXsynth, Papareil Synth and other modules. Built by Jean-Luc Lartigue
A big yusynth modular built by Zebulon for his Spoutnick Studio in Ardon in Suiss.
More infos about its construction .
Website of the band
THe modular is mostly built with Yusynth modules with additional modules :
  • Sonelec's spring reverb
  • passive multiples
  • Musikdin's valve distorsion
  • remote control panel
  • ACXsynth's CV to Midi

Manarini's Yusynth

littlem4tt's modular

A small modular built by Paolo Munarini

Midijl's Yusynth

Une belle réalisation de Jean-Luc Aubert.