Sound demos of the YUSYNTH modular system

Mocking Aqua - september 2008

This is an attempt to recreate the sound of murmuring water, it's all done with yusynth modules and was recorded in two takes. It was meant as a kind of tribute to "Aqua" by edgar Froese.

Mesmerizing Bounces - august 2008

This a short demo of the system driven by an external sequencer. It was recorded in one take (no overdubbing), only an external echo effect was added to the raw sound. MP3 compression altered the sound of the cymbal making it sound crushier than it was... Too bad !

Lancinance (translation : throb) september 2008

A short and modest piece I improvised in one take, after listening to Popol Vuh LPs "Affenstunde" and "In den gärten Pharaos". Basically is a self running drone patch made with YUSYNTH modules with some sad harmonic and inharmonic Mellotron pads layered with a Manikin Memotron.

Some yusynth patch - may 2014
Here a short demo of a single (yes single) patch recorded in one take (no re-recording) directly at the output of the VC-PANNER module. Two sequences (external sequencer) drive two voices : the main voice using a VCO (squarewave) fed into a Moog clone VCF and a VCA, the bass voice uses a VCO (sawtooth) fed in the Saw-Animator, then the ARP clone VCF and a VCA. Percussions are triggered using the Clock Divider and percussion one is VCO fed into a resonant VCF the VCA and percussion two is White Noise fed into the Fixed Filter Bank and a VCA). All is directly mixed and animated by the VC-Panner under control of the Quadrature LFO.