And now to some woodworks....
With the kind help of Jean-Claude Jésior

In order to host the YUSYNTH modules I built two cabinets, a small 22U space cabinet "à la" and a large three rows 66U cabinet that I designed. The cabinet are made of 20mm thick oak shelve boards available at regular stores. I selected the boards in order to show as less as possible wood nodes and other wood defects. The boards were cut and rabbeted, with the help of my pal Jean-Claude Jésior who has a very efficient wood workshop. Then I assembled the cabinets, dyed them with a regular "Dark oak" stain, processed them with wood-filler, varnished and polished them with 000 steel-wood until the desired finishing was obtained.

22 U cabinet / standard

After glueing the boards
Dyed,varnished and polished
Dye match check
 A finished cabinet !

The blueprints as a PDF file

66 U cabinet / yusynth special
It started there...
 Some inhabitants already !
Some more...
Ain't she beautiful ?

The blueprints as a PDF file

More to come...